A sustainable London venue for events

If you are looking for the perfect sustainable event venue in London we offer a complete package.

Thirstywork Sustainability water
about the food at Prince Philip House

We are always working towards sustainability for all our events. We host our functions aiming to minimise environmental impact while maximising social and economic benefits.

Sustainable Catering: We source locally-produced, organic, seasonal foods to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and support local economies. We minimise food waste through careful planning.

Waste Reduction: We implement strategies to minimise waste generation, such as using digital invitations instead of paper and providing recycling and composting bins

Energy Efficiency: We have energy-efficient lighting, natural daylight and energy-efficient equipment.

Water Conservation: Our in house caterer use ‘Thirsty Work’, a water dispenser that cuts the waste and emissions that come with the manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of single use bottles.

Transportation: Centrally located and close to a number of rail and underground stations for easy access.

We use reusable or recyclable materials for decorations, signage, and promotional materials. We do not use single-use plastics.